Moving Forward Outreach Services
Over the last 15 years, It’s Getting Better All the Time! Mental Health Outreach Inc., through our 1800MovingForward initiative, has been providing community outreach services to individuals via telephone, peer support, and face to face connections.

A nonprofit faith-based organization, It’s Getting Better All the Time! Mental Health Outreach Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide assistance and information to Adults who have been impacted in some way by a severe and persistent mental illness.

It’s Getting Better All the Time! Mental Health Outreach consists of a team of mental health advocates, licensed mental health professionals, family members, consumers, and peers. Using a faith-based empowerment model, we recognize that people living with the impact of mental illness are more than the symptoms of their illness. On the contrary, we believe that all individuals have psychological, cultural, and spiritual strengths to be utilized in their journey of recovery and fulfillment of their God-given purpose.

As a community outreach support team, we understand the need to remain in contact and to maintain connections with those you serve. We can provide face to face and phone outreach to assigned consumers at a minimal cost. Our services can save you time and achieve peace of mind. We will obtain the right information and document based on the protocols you provide.

Our team consists of both peers and licensed mental health professionals, so we know how to de-escalate and to connect individuals to needed community supports and services.
Services We Offer To organizations?

• Provide outreach after 1st missed appointment
• Provide and document all telephone calls
• Mail out registered/certified letters
• Conduct and document results of home visits
• Document all efforts to engage – weekly reports
• Provide you with the date, time and summary results of all outreach efforts
• If a consumer is located and declines treatment, we will document the reasons and help you to reconnect
We will call a subscriber at a desingaged time each day  or week; if they don’t pick up, whomever the agency has designated gets an in-person call or text 
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