Moving Forward Hope Outreach Services
Hope Support Team
Our team consists of individuals with lived experience, peers, family members, mental health workers, organizations, clergy and more.  
Outreach Services to Individuals?
  • Phone calls (daily, weekly) and or daily, weekly texts
  • Appointment reminders (we send a text message and or call). 
  • Fact to face meetings in an office setting or mutually agreed upon community location (one hour per month)
  • Help with navigating resources/linkages to services 

Email us at for more information or contact us below   
Services We Offer To organizations?
• Community outreach after 1st missed appointment
• Provide and documentation of all telephone calls
• Mail out registered/certified letters
• Conduct and document results of home visits
• Document all efforts to engage – weekly reports
• Provide you with the date, time, and summary results of all outreach efforts
• If individual is located and declines treatment, we will document the reasons and help you to reconnect
  • We will call the subscriber at a designated time each day or week and provide updates. 
Program Development
  • Program design*Audit preparation*Consultations*Policy/Program Development
  • *QI/Compliance Reviews*Training*Completion of Certification/licensing
  • Policies and procedure development*Development of Audit tools
  • Training.
Click below for a 45-minute consultation. Cost $50.00 or email us at with your questions. 15 Minute Consultations are free. 
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