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Individuals $120.00 Per Year/$10.00 Per  Month


$300.00 Per Year ($25.00 Per Month)

Cost of Services
Indiviudals (This Service Is Not An Emergency Service)

Cost: $120 Per Year ($10.00 Monthly)

What You Will Receive?
  • Monthly On Line Bible Study Messages
  • Weekly Text Messages
  • Weekly Friday Calls – Prayer/Check in (Medications, Appointments, Wellness Checks)
  • Quarterly News Letter
  •  Monthly Inspirational Cards/Letters 

    $300.00 For Companies (10 Customers)
What You Will Receive?
  • Weekly Calls (check in, medication status, overall status report).
  • Weekly Written Progress Reports
  • We will call a subscriber at a designated time each day or week; if they don’t pick up, whomever the agency has designed gets an in-person call or text the same day.