Moving Forward Outreach Services
About Us

Our team consists of a team of mental health advocates, psychiatrist, nurses, compliance specialist, managers, organizations, clergy, licensed mental health professionals, family members, consumers, peers, and members with lived mental health experiences. We have over fifty years developing, writing policies, networking and preparing for audits.

Program design*Audit preparation*Consultations*Policy/Program Development*QI/Compliance Reviews*Training*Completion of Certification/licensing policies and procedures*Development of Compliance/Audit tools*Training. Click below for a 15-minute consultation. Cost $25.00 or email us at
Out Reach (Organizations/Loved Ones)
Over the last 15 years, our I Can Move Forward initiative has provided outreach services to individuals via telephone, peer support, and face-to-face connections.
We understand the need to remain in contact and maintain connections with those you are concerned about. 

Our team consists of peers and licensed mental health professionals, so we know how to de-escalate and connect individuals to needed community supports and services.

Services We Offer To organizations?

• Provide outreach after 1st missed appointment
• Provide and document all telephone calls
• Mail out registered/certified letters
• Conduct and document results of home visits
• Document all efforts to engage – weekly reports
• Provide you with the date, time, and summary results of all outreach efforts
• If your loved one is located and declines treatment, we will document the reasons and help you to reconnect
We will call the subscriber at a designated time each day or week; if they don’t pick up, whomever the agency has designated gets an in-person call or text.
Moving Forward Non-Crisis Outreach
  • Phone calls (daily, weekly)
  • Daily, weekly texts
  • Appointment reminders (we send a text message or call if your loved one does not answer our call)
  • Our staff can also provide outreach to meet face to face in an office setting or mutually agreed upon community location (one hour per month)
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