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About Us


The mission of this organization is to provide information and support while encouraging hope and faith to all individuals living with a severe mental illness or negative life situation. 

Why Do We Do This? Because of the needs of the people we serve.

The symptoms associated with a mental illness can seriously impede an individuals’ ability to obtain employment, interact socially, or even cope with everyday life events. Unfortunately, symptoms can fluctuate in intensity and even with the use of psychotropic medications; individuals living with a severe and persistent mental illness may never really be free of symptoms.

We understand that severe and persistent mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorders last so long and are so severe that they seriously interfere with a persons’ ability to take part in even minor life activities. Yet, while severe and persistent mental illnesses are challenging the severity or the impact of these symptoms can be positively or negatively influenced by many factors. 

Factors such as a poor diet and exercise can have a negative impact while a positive support system, safe housing, and ongoing medical care can be instrumental in contributing positively to a person’s mental health. The services provided by this organization are designed to improve mental health and to provide hope.

Individuals and their loved ones who are living with the impact of a severe and persistent mental illness will vary in their level of functioning or actual needs. Yet, as a result of ongoing studies and published research we know that there are certain basic interventions that have proven to be important aids for individuals and their family members who are living with a severe and persistent mental illness. For example, individuals impacted by a severe and persistent mental illness will require education about their illness or the illness of their loved ones, support, and ongoing therapy/counseling, assistance with obtaining basic social needs to include housing, food, clothing, and friendship.
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